On these pages are just the most asked for items in our inventory. We literally have thousands of quality parts available, many of which are exclusive to A.E.C. If you require a part other than what can be found on these pages, please don't hesitate to call Gregg at 801.255.9646 with your press model and serial numbers. He can help you locate your part, offer trouble shooting advice and finishing advise where it concerns you favorite Ajax Press.

J1586155 Vacuum Hose A53520 Pad, Dry Cleaning Legger 1142504 Valve, 31P
1586155 Vacuum Hose
Our Price: $43.60
A53520 Pad, Dry Cleaning Legger
List Price: $95.10
Our Price: $80.84
Sale Price: $71.35
1142504 Valve, 31P
List Price: $90.69
Our Price: $43.00
A18648 "T" Clip A54059 Valve, Mead A53547 Pad, Dry Cleaning Legger/Utility
A18648 "T" Clip
List Price: $46.55
Our Price: $13.25
A54059 Valve, Mead
List Price: $207.74
Our Price: $170.00
A53547 Pad, Dry Cleaning Legger/Utility
List Price: $95.10
Our Price: $80.84
Sale Price: $71.35

Today's Super Deal!

A08887 Bumper Assembly

Our Price: $51.00
A08887 Bumper Assembly
A rubber bumper injection molded over a machined steel body. Commonly used on Ajax Cabinet Shirt Body Presses and Fastback Dry Cleaning Presses.

AKA: JA-08887, 1232479, A22830

Top Sellers

A28487 Button, Green Rectangular
Our Price: $6.50
A52477 Switch, Red Push Button
Our Price: $21.00
A52478 Switch, Black Push Button
Our Price: $21.00
A81863 Ajax Steam Valve
Our Price: $135.00
A28484 Housing, Green Rectangular
Our Price: $7.50

New Products

K7003 Hose, Steam
Our Price: $59.45
JA24621 Cam
Our Price: $575.00
A03941 Spring
Our Price: $136.00
Friction Plate
Our Price: $43.00
1394782 Hose
Our Price: $85.00